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Read the advertisements. Match questions with the advertisements. Questions:1. Which advert is not actually for a job? ____ 2. In which two jobs does it indicate that previous experience is not necessary? ____ 3. Which advertisement mentions working at the weekend? ____ 4. Which advert gives exact details of the pay? ____5. For which job is it likely that applicants already need to be trained before applying? ____ A)Advertisements Wanted: trainees to work in a new salon opening soon. Good working conditions and excellent pay. If you are interested in a career in this industry, come and join our team. Must be willing to work Saturdays and at least two early evenings per week. Call Mandy on 021465732 B)We are inviting expressions of interest from potential recruits to join our training programme. You will need to be in good health, aged between 25 and 40 and be able to work under stress. Successful candidates will enter our extensive 18-month training programme and can expect to earn six-figure salaries in their first job. Send your CV and contact details to PO Box 223, London, W1 2PP. C)Wanted – people with ambition and drive to join our excellent team working across the country. Get the benefits of working for a nationwide chain of garages rather than small locally owned businesses. Experience required. For more information contact our recruitment team on 0161 754908. D)Assistant required for immediate start. Competitive salary plus extra benefits including free dental care. Would suit graduate, although previous experience desirable. For further details, contact Sue Riggs on 080495374 E)Exciting opportunity to join an amazing team at our five-star city-centre restaurant. 27-40 hours per week. Experience with Italian food is preferred but not essential. A passion for it, however, is salary: 18000-22000 GBP per annum. To be considered, send you CV to Tony at tony. ​

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Помогите решить тест по русскому языку тест по русскому языку «местоимение. разряды местоимений» для 6 класса 1. укажите личное местоимение: 1) некто 2) вас 3) ни с кем 4) собой 2. укажите относительное местоимение: 1) кто-либо 2) некоторый 3) кто 4) нам 3. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) кем-нибудь 2) кем 3) себе 4) никакой 4. укажите определительное местоимение: 1) наш 2) который 3) некий 4) каждый 5. укажите возвратное местоимение: 1) свой 2) чей 3) сам 4) себя 6. найдите указательное местоимение: 1) твой 2) какой 3) тот 4) их 7. найдите притяжательное местоимение: 1) самый 2) моего 3) иной 4) ничей 8. укажите неопределённое местоимение: 1) весь 2) какой-нибудь 3) любой 4) этот 9. укажите вопросительное местоимение: 1) сколько 2) кое-что 3) она 4) нами 10. в каком варианте ответа выделенное слово является притяжательным местоимением? 1) увидел их 2) её нет дома 3) её тетрадь 4) их не спросили